¿Who says
the clothes are boring?

Trastoides is a brand Made in Barcelona which provides interactive clothing for all the Kids in the Galaxy. Trastoides is designed to let them have fun, learn and dress.


Have a look at all the interactive clothing we designed for the little loved ones.


¡Little rascal in sight! Purchase here the funniest and most educating clothing for your kids.


Our collection for the little newcomers to the family. Let them play non-stop!


Trastadas non stop

Our Trastos are not created alone
Behind each garment there is an idea, it throws with much love for the creative mind of Trastoides.

¡Look at our Trastos!

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Look our little rascals!

Share pictures of your little rascals under the #trastoides hashtag!
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Made in Barcelona

Trastos are born all over the world

Trastoides was created in Barcelona, to be able to dress and entertain all the children of the world.